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29. Aug, 2016 ·Comments Off on Abstrak MERDEKA

PELITA HATI Gallery of Art

1. Name of event: An art exhibition entitled “Abstract Merdeka”.
2. Venue: Ground Floor, No 8, Jalan Abdullah,Off Jalan Bangsar,59000,KL.
3. Company: Pelita Hati Sdn Bhd
4. Duration: 27th August to 25th September 2016 (Viewing hours: Saturday-Thursday 10.00am-6.00pm-We are closed on Friday)
5. Category: Painting-abstract
6. Contact details: Tel: 03-20923380; 03-22829206
Email: , Website:

Barnett Newman (1984) once wrote in an essay, “Instead of making cathedrals out of Christ, man, ‘life’, we are making it out of ourselves”. This line sums up of what abstract expressionism and abstract art itself, is – free from the norms of art, expressing emotions from deep within the artists themselves.
Independence Day is a day of celebration and remembrance of the past that has shaped our present. It is a day where we are reminded of our country’s history, both good and bad-the day we achieved liberation for the people, and the power to shape the country’s future. No better art form is suited to express these feelings than abstract art, art that defies the formalities of art itself. Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect. In Malaysia, abstract arts had become more accessible and showed alternative ways by artists to describe visual experience- which is not representational and could be based on a subject or may have no source at all in the external world.
To commemorate the upcoming ‘Merdeka day’ celebrations, Pelita Hati Gallery of Art would be hosting an art exhibition entitled ‘Abstrak Merdeka: Liberation of Expression’ from 27th August 2016 until 25th September 2016. Incorporating Independence Day as the main theme for the exhibition, ‘Abstrak Merdeka: Liberation of Expression’ celebrates 59 years of independence with works of abstract art from selected artists, mostly who are new to Malaysia’s art scene. We chose to give opportunities to these new and upcoming artists hoping that this will encourage them to pursue their goals of becoming a well-known artist someday. This also hopes to liberate them from feelings of despair and disappointment stemming from the difficulties of being an artist.
(Sila hubungi kami untuk sebarang pertanyaan.)
Sekian, terima kasih.
Pelita Hati Gallery of Art
August 2016

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This is NOT an ART Book-How to get the book at 50%

05. Jul, 2014 ·Comments Off on This is NOT an ART Book-How to get the book at 50%

This is NOT an Art Book Reviews
“Buku seni, milik semua”
“This is NOT an Art Book yang diterbitkan Pelita Akal, lari daripada kebiasaan” -Siti Haliza Yusop, Berita Harian-

“Best quote by Tengku Elina in that book saying “art gives me a sense of belonging” There is art and soul” -Nurul Asyqin-

“This is NOT an Art Book membawakan seni kepada pembaca menggunakan nada kurang serius berbeza dengan kebanyakan buku seni di pasaran” -Raja Annuar-

“If you love Malaysian art, this book is a ‘must have’ to not your book, but ART collection”
“The collection of art exhibition posters are a work of art by itself”

“A beautiful book! It moved me.” Raja Mariam Mohd

More than 98 exhibition posters of the 136 exhibitions held to date are featured in the book!

In conjunction with the launch of our facebook page, If your names are highlighted in the art posters in the book, you are entitled to buy a copy of the book at only RM 24.40 , 50% off the retail price of RM 48.80 (while stocks last)

Please like our facebook page and contact for details.

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This is NOT an ART Book launch-19/06/2014

13. Jun, 2014 ·Comments Off on This is NOT an ART Book launch-19/06/2014

“This is not an Art Book” is a visual narrative of Pelita Hati’s journey as an art gallery. Through the pages we share some of our cherished memories, the success, the sold out exhibitions, the tragedies, the creative ideas and the hopes and dreams of artists, presented through a collection of invitation card designs of past exhibitions, photographs and newspaper clippings. Putting the book together has brought back 19 years of wonderful memories. The experiences and challenges we endured have made us stronger. “This is not an Art Book” brings us to a new chapter. Today we take pride in saying…..Pelita Hati Gallery of Art a Malaysian contemporary art gallery is here to stay.

The 212 page paperback book with more than 150 full colour illustrations of original art posters and invitation cards of exhibitions organized by the gallery is a work of art itself.
The book which will be sold at a retail price of RM 48.80 is now available for order on-line at a special price of RM 39.00 for those who pre-register their order to purchase the book through the Pelita Hati website by sending their full name, quantity required, contact phone number, e-mail & postal mailing address. The book can be collected at the gallery during and/or after the book launch or can be delivered after payment is made (plus additional postal/delivery charges ).
In addition, all students with valid college/university identification cards (ID) will be able to buy the book at a special price of RM 19.00 only (limited to quantity one per student)
during the official book launch.

The book launch is on Thursday, 19/06/2014 at 5.00pm.
Venue: Pelita Hati Gallery of Art,Tingkat Satu (1st Flr)
No.8, Jalan Abdullah,Off Jalan Bangsar,59000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-20923380; 03-22829206 ;

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Artists Against ABUSE-October 2013

30. Sep, 2013 ·Comments Off on Artists Against ABUSE-October 2013

Collaborating with School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts, KDU University College, 28 & 29th October 2013.

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Logo Design-Pelita Akal Sdn Bhd

23. Sep, 2013 ·Comments Off on Logo Design-Pelita Akal Sdn Bhd

In line with the coming ARTalk from the HeART, we would like to introduce Pelita Akal Sdn. Bhd (training & consultancy company ). Check out the website at:
This is an invitation to young artists,graphic designers and creative students to take part in a simple but meaningful on-line competition to design Pelita Akal’s logo. Closing date 28th September 2013 so we can announce the winner during the ARTalk from the heART on 29th September 2013.
Cash prize of RM 900 for design selected with maybe 2 more cash token RM 300 each.Pelita Akal will have all rights to use of designs submitted on our website and promotion material.
The design must reflect Pelita Akal’s concept on promoting the ” art of thinking “. The website has a few quotes which I think reflects Pelita Akal’s mission.

Design can be submitted to: or

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Pelita Hati-ARTalk from the heART-2013

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Pelita Hati-ARTalk-29/09/2013

Pelita Hati-ARTalk from the heART

4.00pm-Thinking of Art by YM Raja Shahriman b. Raja Aziddin, one of Malaysia foremost contemporary sculptors. Raja Shahriman employs the traditional Malay blacksmithing methods but expresses the material in contemporary context; whereby the forms incorporated in his sculptures allude to the nature of mankind. He has developed several impressive series of metal work adopting sharp and deadly forms such as his Killing Tools, Semangat Besi series and his greatest acclaim of figurative work-Gerak Tempur, Nafas & Rhythm of the 21st Century. Raja Shahriman understanding of metal and anatomy led him to create figurative works that are strikingly surreal and grotesquely beautiful at the same time.

5.00pm-The Art of Thinking by YB Dato’ Kamil b. Aziz, Chief Executive Officer of AIROD, Malaysia’s premiere Aerospace Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Company.Kamil has more than 27 years experience in the aerospace industry-planning, project management, capability development and engineering maintenance of both military and commercial aircraft operations. His interest includes art, cinema, & architecture. Kamil loves the pseudo-sciences and is an amateur numerologist. He is an avid reader and is passionate about understanding people, happiness & positive psychology.

Kamil Aziz, the CEO of AIROD will share real-life stories from his experience to provide insights on how the different “thinking styles” is equally important in the corporate world as well as for artists and the creative professionals in the ART industry. He aims to provide a different perspective and view on the creative industry in facing the current challenges in this new age.

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Our newest addition.

20. Mar, 2012 ·Comments Off on Our newest addition.

Jing Chung

James Ooi
I write and I paint to express myself. Life is about sharing, expressing and giving loving kindness and helping others. I know I am on a journey, along the way I write about it, I paint about it and I wish to share my thoughts and my art with those like minded people who may find it interesting. And helpful, I hope and wish for them.

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Kemelut Zaman-Exhibition Jan 2012

02. Nov, 2011 ·Comments Off on Kemelut Zaman-Exhibition Jan 2012

The sculptures of Raja Shahriman have taken a new breath from his last works in Rhythm of the 21st Century. The dark serious pieces in rhythm have given way to modern contemporary and almost pop art sculptures.

The sculptures Raja Shahriman has created in Kemelut Zaman are not only refreshing to look at but are very appropriate in the context of our modern society. In exploring new forms, Raja Shahriman has cleverly transformed musical instruments, cultural and traditional objects into modern, interesting and aesthetic pieces of art that will remain relevant over time. The fine metal finish he has given the works makes the sculptures modern and elegant. Thus despite the few numbers, the sculptures in Kemelut Zaman not only affirm the skill and craftsmanship of Raja Shahriman, but also demonstrate his wittiness as a contemporary artist.

Tengku Elina Aziddin


14. Sep, 2011 ·Comments Off on GEM:BOREE INTAN

Participated in a mini exhibition/display at INTAN in conjunction with their 39th Anniversary celebration GEM:BOREE INTAN from 12 to 17th September 2011.

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Selamat Hari Raya!!!

19. Aug, 2011 ·Comments Off on Selamat Hari Raya!!!

Kepada semua pencinta seni, kenalan dan kawan-kawan, kami ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin. Pelita Hati akan bercuti bermula dari 27hb Ogos hingga 4hb September (Hari Jumaat-26hb Ogos galeri di buka sehingga jam 12 tghari). Galeri di buka kembali pada 5hb September 2011.
Pelita Hati will be closed for the Aidilfitri celebration from 27th August till 4th September 2011. Business as usual on the 5th September 2011. Thank you.

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