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Metal Forging Videos

30. Jun, 2022 ·Comments Off on Metal Forging Videos

Raja Shahriman-a graduate from MARA Institute of Technology in the field of fine arts. He has been involved in the making of metal artworks for over 25 years. He is probably the only artist in Malaysia who still uses the iron forging method to produce works of art. Therefore, we felt a necessity to digitally document this forging method so that it can be kept and also as a reference for future generations. Pelita Hati with the support from Yayasan Hasanah, made this video possible. There are 6 videos in this Metal Forging Techniques Learning series.

The first (1) video-an introduction to metal. Teknik Tempa Besi Bersama Raja Shahriman-Pengenalan Besi-Metal Forging Technique-An Introduction to Metal.

The second (2) video-Pembelajaran Teknik Tempa Besi Bersama Raja Shahriman-Penggunaan Batang Besi-Metal Forging Technique-Metal Rod.

Third (3) video-Pembelajaran Teknik Tempa Besi Bersama Raja Shahriman-Penggunaan Kepingan Besi-Metal Forging Technique-Metal Plate.

Fourth (4) video-Pembelajaran Teknik Tempa Besi Bersama Raja Shahriman-Pembuatan Keris-Kris Making.

Fifth (5) video-Raja Shahriman membimbing dan menunjuk ajar dua pelatih-seorang lelaki dan seorang perempuan dalam kaedah tempa besi dalam menghasilkan karya seni. Aiding two interns-male and female, in using metal forging technique.

Untuk video yang keenam sixth (6) ini, Raja Shahriman mengambil seorang pelatih/pelajar dan membimbing serta menunjuk ajar kaedah campur besi dalam menghasilkan sebilah pisau.

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Artworks-Projects & Decorative

23. May, 2017 ·Comments Off on Artworks-Projects & Decorative

We are starting our range of artworks meant for project & decorative purposes.

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Our Services

28. Nov, 2016 ·Comments Off on Our Services


Our services:
Organizing, promoting & selling of fine art works and artifacts; provides fine art consultancy services and project consultancy to architects, interior designers and contractors, art sourcing, commissioned artworks, art production and supply of artworks, rental of artworks and design services.
Contact details:
Tel: 03-20923380; 03-22013801; 011-16289268
Email: , Website:

Type of artworks range:
Paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, and mix media, sculptures in metal, wood, clay, calcium carbonate and resin, etching and wood cut prints, ceramic pieces, drawings in various medias and public sculptures.

Type of clients:
Individuals, architects, interior designers, contractors, museums, government agencies, corporate organizations, embassies, hospitals, banks and hotels.

Please do give us a call for any of the services mentioned above and also your purchase needs or commissioned artworks.

Thank you.

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Mercu Tanda Kuantan,Pahang

13. Jan, 2015 ·Comments Off on Mercu Tanda Kuantan,Pahang

Designed by Raja Shahriman Aziddin. Title of the public sculpture: Junjung Duli. Completed, delivered and installed on site: 25/11/2014.

Mercu Tanda ini di bina sempena 40 tahun DYMM Sultan Pahang di atas singgahsana tahta kerajaan negeri Pahang Darul Makmur.

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Pekan Museum-Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar,Malaysia,Pekan, Pahang.

18. Oct, 2012 ·Comments Off on Pekan Museum-Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar,Malaysia,Pekan, Pahang.

Public sculptures by YM Raja Shahriman Aziddin.

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Wira Perkasa

28. Feb, 2011 ·Comments Off on Wira Perkasa

Public Sculpture, entitled ‘Wira Perkasa’ in Muzium Sejarah, Pasir Salak, Perak.

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Makmur Abadi

25. Feb, 2011 ·Comments Off on Makmur Abadi

Public Sculpture, entitled ‘Makmur Abadi’, stainless steel and copper for Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak, Ipoh, Perak.

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Bumi Penyatuan

25. Feb, 2011 ·Comments Off on Bumi Penyatuan

Design, propose construct, deliver and install stainless steel outdoor public sculpture for Perak State-Bangunan Kerajaan Negeri Perak, Ipoh, Perak.

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Taman Wawasan-Public Bank

20. Feb, 2011 ·Comments Off on Taman Wawasan-Public Bank

Design, propose, construct, deliver and install one mild steel outdoor public sculpture for their Taman Wawasan. Public Sculpture-Growing Equity (Persamaan Membangun) by Raja Shahriman.
Taman Wawasan is Public Bank’s gift to make Kuala Lumpur a ‘Garden City’.

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