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ILHAM V-16th July to 27th August 2011

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ILHAM V-16th July till 27th August 2011

Starting from 16th July till 27th August 2011.
1. Name of event: An art exhibition entitled “Ilham V”.
2. Venue: 1st Floor, No 8, Jalan Abdullah,Off Jalan Bangsar,59000,KL
3. Company: Pelita Hati Sdn Bhd
4. Duration: 16th July to 27th August 2011 (Viewing hours: Mon- Sat 10.00am-6.00pm)
5. Category: Sculpture, wall relief, ceramic.
6. Contact details: Tel: 03-20923380; 03-22829206

Pelita Hati invites you to ILHAM V-a sculpture exhibition.

This year is our fifth year organizing ILHAM as our focus on sculpture development in Malaysia. Since the establishment of Pelita Hati in 1995, the art of sculpture is our motivation to continue in the arts industry. Pelita Hati has always been at the forefront in promoting sculptures and we hope we are able to do so for a lot more years to come.

ILHAM provides an opportunity for local sculptors, as a platform for them to showcase their works. As an annual event, we sincerely hope what we do here and today can generate the growth and the continuity of sculptures in Malaysia.ILHAM V-2011, the participants are Norazlan Ahmad, Chin Wan Kee, Tan Bee Him, Khoo Gaik Sim, Mohd Aliff Ahmad, Ahmad Sukri, Mohd Haniff, Muhammad Idrus, Ahmad Syafiq Sirat, Rosli Zakaria, Shaliza Juana, Zainuddin Abindinhazir, Peter Lagan Balang, Salmah Ali, Anassuwandi Ahmad, Mior Nafis, Azman Ismail, Wan Zaida Wan Samidin & Mohd Roslan Ahmad.

The exhibition was officiated by YBhg. Ambassador Dato’ Mohd Yusof Ahmad on Saturday, 16th July 2011 at 6.00pm. The exhibition will continue till 27th August 2011.

Being There (Exhibition launch 19/06/11)

‘Being There’- previews on Wednesday 15 June 2011 and ends on Thursday 30 June 2011. The exhibition was successfully launched on Sunday, 19th June 2011 at 4.00pm
by YBhg.Toh Puan Aishah Ong (Pro-chancellor UM).
(Perasmian pameran telah di sempurnakan oleh YBhg.Toh Puan Aishah Ong, Pro-chancellor UM pada hari Ahad, 19hb Mei 2011 jam 4.00 petang.)

Buka Panggung-Pusaka Hulubalang

Lokasi : Muzium Seni Pahang (PAM), Kuantan, Pahang.
Tarikh : Perasmian pada 8hb Julai 2011. Jam 8.00 malam

Pameran Kesenian Pantai Timur-Buka Panggung akan bermula pada 24/06/11 dan berakhir 10/11/11. Perasmian pameran di jadualkan pada 08/07/11 jam 8.00 malam. Pameran ini akan di adakan di Muzium Seni Pahang, Kuantan, Pahang.

Penyertaan Pelita Hati adalah tertumpu pada pameran Silat-Pusaka Hulubalang.

Pameran ini akan memaparkan kesenian berkaitan dengan pantai timur dan akan merangkumi Gamelan, Tekatan, Tenun Pahang, Makyong, Menora dan Seni Persilatan. Tajuk pameran ‘BukaPanggung’ bermaksud upacara membuka tirai untuk sesuatu persembahan. Tajuk ini di pilih sebagai menandakan bermulanya program Pameran Kesenian Pantai Timur di Muzium Seni Pahang yang akan di susuli dengan pameran-pameran berkaitan di masa akan datang.

Muzium Negeri Pahang dengan kerjasama Jabatan Muzium Malaysia dan ECERDC akan juga menganjurkan acara saperti persembahan Tarian Joget Pahang, Pertunjukan Fesyen Tenun Pahang Di Raja dan Tari Silat pada hari perasmian 08/07/11 jam 8.00 malam.
Perasmian akan di sempurnakan oleh Tengku Mahkota Pahang.

Pusaka Hulubalang is fine art exhibition portraying works of renowned and upcoming Malaysian visual artists on silat.
Silat is a graceful martial art and an integral component of the Malay culture in Malaysia. It has often been associated with the great Malay warriors such as Hang Tuah who is said to have fought and consistently beat exponents and warriors from other empires through his silat prowess as well as his intelligence. The Malay silat has many variations and forms based on where it originates and the masters who established them. The “buah” or “bunga” (terms used in silat), are dance movements used for either for defence, offence or for locking the opponent. The artistic movements in silat although executed with grace and gentility are in fact potent and powerful movements that can be lethal. Mastering the art of silat requires extensive training to instill the individual with the values of self – discipline, self-dependence, self-respect as well as respect for others. Silat is also linked to mysticism – the silat master is often said to possess powers beyond that of a normal human being. Although these powers are often related to the practice of spiritual matters, their inherent knowledge of the human body and their knowledge in the art of self defence is what make them invincible.
As silat in itself is a fascinating art of self defence, it is not surprising that some of the most prominent Malaysian visual artists choose to portray silat in their artowrks. Included in the exhibition Pusaka Hulubalang are the works of Raja Shahriman Raja Aziddin. Raja Shahriman is a renowned Malaysian contemporary sculptor who chooses to work with metal. He employs the forging technique very similar to that used by traditional blacksmiths to create his artworks. Drawing on his knowledge and practice of silat, Raja Shahriman creates abstract figurative sculptures, warriors in action that breathe with life and dynamism. Other participating artists include Amiruddin Ariffin, Aidel Yussof and Mior Rizzuan Rosli.

Being There (15th till 30th June 2011)

A photo exhibition in support of World Hepatitis Day, Malaysia.
‘Being There’ is an exhibition of photographs of several photographers. Together the pictures constitute a mosaic of colours, shapes and moods, sometimes fascinating, sometimes intriguing but always pleasing to look at. They have an enduring quality about them, which like all good art will constantly draw our eyes to them.

Participating artists whose works are shown at the exhibition are: Azalia Suhaimi, B.U.L.B – Barudak Urban Light Bandung, Hasriq M. Nor, HLG – Hikarimoji Lights Graffiti, KC Chai, Melvin Tong, Mohd Azlan, Firdaus Herrow, Rupajiwa Studio, Tengku Al Murad.

MY Hepatitis Day
To eradicate viral hepatitis:- * Prevention: ‘Get Protected’ – knowing the risk factors for hepatitis B and C is the most important step in preventing new infections * Diagnosis: ‘Get Tested’ – getting tested for hepatitis B and C is quick and simple, and if people think they might have been at risk, they should get tested immediately * Protection: ‘Get Vaccinated’ – in the case of hepatitis B there is a vaccine and the disease is preventable through immunization * Treatment: ‘Get Treated’ – in many cases, treatment for hepatitis B and C is effective

‘Being There’- previews on Wednesday 15 June 2011 and ends on Thursday 30 June 2011. The exhibition launch is scheduled to be on Sunday, 19th June 2011 at 4.00pm by YBhg.Toh Puan Aishah Ong (Pro-chancellor UM). (Perasmian pameran akan di sempurnakan oleh YBhg.Toh Puan Aishah Ong, Pro-chancellor UM pada hari Ahad, 19hb Mei 2011 jam 4.00 petang.)

Refleksi-Hamdan Shaarani’s solo exhibition

May 7th – June 11th 2011.
The exhibition launch will be on Saturday, May 21st 2011 at 5.30pm.

Hamdan Shaarani seorang pelukis realisma “ mata burung”,kelahiran Teluk Intan telah berkarya sejak tahun 90 an sehingga kini. Beliau menetap di Kampung tersusun Seri Kantan, Tronoh ,Perak. Sehingga kini lebih dari 15 tahun menyumbangkan kepakarannya sebagai tenaga pengajar di Universiti Teknologi Mara Perak.
Subjek keaslian alam semulajadi dirakamkan secara pandangan mata burung tersebut merupakan komposisi hamdan yang digunakan untuk menghasilkan karya. Beliau amat tertarik dengan subjek alam semula jadi yang bersifat biasan. Pendek kata tidak lengkaplah jikalau kita melihat karya catan Hamdan tanpa biasan air. Biasan air telah menjadi nadi penting komposisi karya Hamdan. Adakala nya 100 peratus komposisi karya Hamdan dipenuhi dengan komposisi biasan air.
Hamdan Shaarani is a realist painter. He was born in Teluk Intan, Perak. He now resides in a village of Seri Kantan, Tronoh, Perak. He has been painting since the 90’s and to date has contributed more than 15 years of his expertise as a lecturer at Universiti Teknologi MARA in Perak.
He chose nature as his subject of paintings. However, he paints with a “bird’s eye” view of his main concept of work-that is reflection, thus making it rather unique and sometime abstract in the eye of the viewers.

Reflection has become an integral and important composition in Hamdan’s work. He is intrigue and fascinated with the soft flowing movement of water, slowly pushing and moving dried leaves and debris from one place to another. This becomes something of a metaphor to him in relation to human beings-drifting and sometime moving endlessly & aimlessly in our everyday lives. As for the dried leaves and debris-to Hamdan, as he sees it, this is a reminder for all of us living on this planet that one day we will surely succumb to the law of nature, we will no doubt become weak, frail, dwindle and at the end of the day-death. A reminder that death is something that is sure and that all living things must face and endure. Looking closely at Hamdan’s work, it is like looking into a big mirror. The mirror reflecting the world we live in-a beautiful and wonderful place-reflecting god’s greatest creation-nature itself. REFLEKSI (Approx. 5 minutes video)

Life & Nature (9th-30th April 2011)

Pelita Hati took the initiative to organize an exhibition entitled “Life & Nature” as an effort to introduce and showcase the results of works inspired by the story of life and our natural environment. The selected artists will gather the works produced, as a result of their own observations and poured out onto canvas or other mediums that incorporate their skills and ideas through their own creative imagination. Various media and objects of choice used by artists to produce works depicting nature are certainly most promising.The exhibition was launched on Saturday, April 9th, 2011.

Indirectly, this exhibition provides opportunities for new talent to be discovered. It is hoped that this approach will add and generate new generation of talented artist with quality artworks. In addition, Pelita Hati also hopes to highlight the ideas of artists-to the general public in making a person knowledgeable in maintaining and preserving nature in an increasingly arid and dangerous world. Hopefully this will benefits various parties in providing general knowledge about our natural life and environment.

Participating artists/Penyertaan oleh: Abdul Rasid Yusof, Abdul Malik Maliki, Adi Sakinah Omar, Ahmad Fauzi Arshad, Ahmad Faiz Juha, Ahmad Zaki, Mohd Aliff Ahmad, Ahmad Hisyamuddin Abdullah, Ahmad Fauzi Mohamed, Aidel Yussof, Azman Majis, Farina Abd Ghaffar, Fatimah Nik Yahya, Golnaz Behzadipour (Iran), Johan Marjonid, Kally Liew Choo Fang, Kasbi Sarbini, Kamaruddin Talib, K.C. Chai, Khoo Gaik Sim, Liyana Akmal, Luqman Hakim Abdul Halim, Madiawati Musa, Megat Azwan Ishak, Mior Rizzuan Rosli, Mohd Shazzil Thoher, Mohana Kumara Velu, Nurul Puteri Hati Yunus, Padri Jamaluddin, Rasyidah Maharram@Zulkepli, Sabihis Pandi, Syahbandi Samat, Tsai Chen Yin (Taiwan), Zainuddin Abindinhazir, Zaim Durulaman, Zaharuddin Sarbini, Zulaikha Zulkapli.

Life & Nature

What will be shown in the next generation if all the natural treasures of our forest were replaced by the stone and concrete jungle that we are so proud of? Is it enough just the gardens or the zoos that are constructed and prepared specially for public consumption?
Apa yang akan ditunjukkan pada generasi akan datang sekiranya kesemua khazanah alam ini hilang diganti dengan hutan batu yang menjadi kebanggaan kita? Apakah cukup hanya sekadar adanya taman-taman yang disediakan atau di zoo yang dibina khas untuk tatapan umum?
Perasmian pameran ini akan di adakan pada hari Sabtu, 9hb April 2011 pada pukul 5.00 petang.
(The exhibition launch is on Saturday, 9th April 2011 at 5.00pm)


Pelita Hati will host this exhibition-a Masters Degree project in Contemporary Art and Design practice for Maral Bolouril (Iranian) from March 28th – April 2nd 2011.
Welcome one and all to an exhibition that celebrates a heart for art. Take time from your work, schooling or recreational plans and come celebrate a lifetime of work by Iranian artist, Maral Bolouri as she showcases pieces from her childhood to present day.

Pablo Picasso Said, ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’ Celebrate the artist in all of us with other guests during this wonderful exhibition that marks the ending of a Masters Degree project in Contemporary Art and Design practice for Maral Bolouri.

Ekspresi Warna

An abstract art exhibition from 26th February till 26th March 2011. Participating artists: Husin Hourmain,Joanne Tan Chean Teak,Nur Azlina Zulkafli, Mohd Faizal Md Suhif, Muhammad Rasfan Abu Bakar, Eddie Lim, Dr. Ainal Fuadi, Mohd Said Abu, Ainal Marliza dan Amirudin Ariffin.