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ILHAM VI-June 2012


1. Name of event: An art exhibition entitled “Ilham VI”.
2. Venue: 1st Floor, No 8, Jalan Abdullah,Off Jalan Bangsar,59000,KL
3. Company: Pelita Hati Sdn Bhd
4. Duration: 16th June to 14th July 2012 (Viewing hours: Mon- Sat 10.00am-6.00pm)
5. Category: Sculpture-Arca, wall relief.
6. Contact details: Tel: 03-20923380; 03-22829206

Peringatan: Perasmian Ilham VI pada 23/06/2012, jam 5.00 petang.
Note: The exhibition launch is on Saturday, 23rd June 2012 at 5.00pm.

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Pelita Hati is very much into sculpture and our activities focuses more towards the development of sculptures. Artists under the auspices of our art are sculptors. Since the establishment of Pelita Hati in 1995, the art of sculpture is our motivation to continue in the arts industry. Pelita Hati has always been at the forefront in promoting sculptures. In year 2007 with the title ILHAM meaning ‘ideas’ or ‘inspiration’ we started our annual sculpture exhibition with one of our objective and that is to introduce and expand the art of sculpture in Malaysia. ILHAM does not limit the type of media used nor does it limit the number of participants/sculptors, whether they are new or have been in this field for a long time. ILHAM provides an opportunity for local sculptors to showcase their work.

As an annual event, we hope it can generate the growth and continuity in the art of sculptures in Malaysia. We sincerely believe our ILHAM exhibition has ignited and churned out more aspiring and talented sculptors than ever before.

Jing Chung…of beauty and perfection.

12th May – 02nd June 2012 (Extending the exhibition till 08th June 2012)

Between tradition and modernity
Jing Chung holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design from the Academy Art University, San Francisco, USA. Although not formally trained as a visual artist it is perhaps a passion or calling that compelled Jing Chung to take up painting lessons from her father.
It has been said that art is not what you stumble into, it is an irresistible force; it is in the blood. For Jing Chung this is especially true. Jing Chung is daughter to Chung Chen Sun, a world-renowned artist and educationalist who devoted his effort to modernizing Chinese ink painting.
Today, Jing Chung is continuing what her father began. Her paintings hold the characteristics of the traditional ink painting. Her attention to line, colour and brush stroke is obvious in her works. She explores light, space and form via the layering, translucent and dense strokes. The vertical and slanting strokes applied with varying degree of pressure on the brush create different pictorial impacts. Instead of using Chinese ink, Jing Chung chose acrylic on paper as her media. Jing Chung’s art is a cross between traditional and modern painting.

Through her art, Jing Chung has developed a unique way of expressing with a brush. Just like her father her works are expression of the spirit and the mind, created to convey the inner thoughts and feelings about strength and beauty.
Jing Chung is not new to the art scene and has been actively exhibiting in more than 20 exhibitions in the United States, Malaysia and Indonesia. Her first solo exhibition was held in Houston Texas in 2009. In her debut solo in Malaysia, Jing Chung exhibits 40 pieces of paintings from her Birds and Fishing Village series.
Indeed Jing Chung has the makings of a successful artist. She not only has a burning desire to create art but has an innate feel for colour, light and shadow, balance and weight as well as composition. We wish her success in this solo exhibition and in all her future endeavors….Tengku Elina, PelitaHati Gallery of Art.

“Raised in an artist family, I was very fortunate to learn Chinese Ink Painting from my father. I did not go through formal fine art trainings, rather, my background in interior design and fashion and textile design influenced my perception of the visual world and the way I constructed my composition.
Combining my unique use of color, technique and detail, it is my desire to create art pieces emphasizing the spiritual aspect and the conceptual aspect of expression. I do not paint to represent the physical form with precision, but rather convey inner feeling and thought. Hence, the core subject hovers enigmatically between concreteness and abstraction. My intention is to integrate the spiritual and natural beauty in order to reach the unity of “beauty” and “perfection”.”…Jing Chung

Berita Harian, Friday 18/05/2012:

The exhibition launch: Saturday, 19th May 2012 at 5.30pm

Sabung Santai-7th till 30th April 2012


1. Name of event: An art exhibition entitled “Sabung Santai”.
2. Venue: 1st Floor, No 8, Jalan Abdullah,Off Jalan Bangsar,59000,KL
3. Company: Pelita Hati Sdn Bhd
4. Duration: 7th to 30th April 2012 (Viewing hours: Mon- Sat 10.00am-6.00pm)
5. Category: Paintings & wall relief.
6. Contact details: Tel: 03-20923380; 03-22829206

Email: , Website:

The exhibition coming in April 2012 is about a collaborative effort by a group of professionals that uses visual arts in their academic activities. As lectures, they not only teach visual arts to their students but contribute also to the development of arts as a whole. They are all from UiTM Perak and participating for this exhibition are – Zainon Abdullah, Hamdan Shaarani, Addy Azman Mahmud, Aznan Omar,Izzadin Mat Rahah,Izzal Khairi Ramli, Khayril Anwar Bin Khairudin, Mahadi Ayob, Mahizan Hijaz Mohammad,Mohamad Fadly bin Sabran, Mohamad Hafiz bin Yahya, Mohd Daud Abdul Rahim, Muh Sarip Abd Rahman & Noor Efendi Desa.

Sabung Santai ialah curahan pemikiran sekumpulan karyawan seni visual yang menghubungkan kegiatan akademik dan catan. Sebagai tenaga pengajar mereka menghasilkan karya yng bukan sahaja membantu proses akademik tetapi juga berperanan sebagai penyumbang kepada pembangunan seni visual. Sabung santai mengetengah isu alam kemanusiaan dan alam ketuhanan. Isu-isu tersebut dicurahkan diatas kanvas dan bahan sebagai luahan ekpresi secara santai.

Perasmian pameran pada hari Sabtu, 14hb April jam 5.30 petang.
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Urban Art-March 2012


Urban art 08/03/2012 till 31/03/2012. The exhibition launch is on Saturday, 10th March 2012 at 5.30pm.
The exhibition coming in March 2012 is about varieties of art style that relates to cities and city life. It will showcase artworks done by artists who live in or have a passion for city life. To summarize it all it is about visual art forms arising in urban areas and is inspired by urban architecture or thematising urban life style.

Perasmian Kemelut Zaman-Exhibition Launch 29/01/2012

Perasmian pameran Kemelut Zaman-Pameran solo Raja Shahriman telah disempurnakan oleh Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Muda Perak Darul Ridzuan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah Ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah pada hari Ahad, 29hb Januari jam 5.30 petang.

Kemelut Zaman-Raja Shahriman’s solo exhibition

The sculptures of Raja Shahriman have taken a new breath from his last works in Rhythm of the 21st Century. The dark serious pieces in rhythm have given way to modern contemporary and almost pop art sculptures. An interview with Raja Shahriman explains the works.

Video-Kemelut Zaman

Can you tell us about the sculptures is this series?
The sculptures in this series are a continuation of works from the Rhythm of the 21st Century. In fact some sculptures are based on the sketches that were in rhythm. Although I developed the idea further into new forms, I incorporated bullets into the works to show the continuity.

You said the works are a continuation, yet the sculptures in this series are very different from those in Rhythm of the 21st century. Why is this so?
Well each series of work that I create is different according to the message that I want to convey. To me sculptures are very effective as a means of conveying visual message because you can see and feel them. However they are only effective if their form and mood is right. In rhythm, I had my sculptures made from cut up pieces of metal plates to imitate shrapnel which are pieces of metal left behind as war debris. I had them finished in matt black to give the effect of charred metal left after a bomb blast. Rhythm of the 21st Century is about man, weapons and wars. In my new series, I translate war within a wider scope and I explored new forms of visual language to convey this message.

Can you explain to us the concept of your new works?
The sculptures in Kemelut Zaman are made to symbolize the effect of war in the era we live in. War here is taken in a wider context and include both physical and psychological wars (for example the infiltration and influence of modernity), both of which destroy cultures and traditions and change how people live. They impact our music, the games we play, our lifestyle, our thoughts and behavior. I use bullets to symbolize this battle or peperangan and incorporated other forms such as musical instruments and other traditional objects to symbolize its impact on culture and tradition.

Why is it that you left out bullets in one of the sculptures entitled ‘Khalifah’?
Khalifah is symbolic of the ‘leader’ who despite his own destruction still battles on to free mankind from war and destruction. He symbolizes the savior, the one who brings freedom and peace.

Technically do you find these works challenging to make?
Yes. In this series, each piece is unique. The construction of each piece requires careful thought and planning. I spend a lot of time in details. I want the works to have a fine finish. Technically, these works are more challenging to make than my earlier pieces.

Is that why are there only six pieces?
No. I explored many elements in every piece. Each piece tells a different story. For example in the piece entitled ‘Irama Abad ke 21’, which is translated to mean ‘Music of the 21st Century, I relate the shape of the guitar to the human form and added an image of a parrot at the base to symbolize there are people who speak but do not know what they are saying. There is lot of talk and propaganda but the words uttered are not the wise words of a leader. Instead these words lead to chaos, conflicts, wars and disorder. In Gembala Abad ke 21 (Shepherd of the 21st Century), I place the head of an animal on top of a human face to symbolize how man uses his beastly nature to rule other man. When this happens it is as if man has allowed beasts to rule over man. In the piece entitled ‘Pekaka Abad ke 21 (Pekaka of the 21st Century), the hilt of the keris (a Malay weapon) entwined with bullets is symbolic how the artistry of the keris is destroyed with the coming into existence of modern weapons. In Khalifah (leader), the metal pieces used in the figurative sculpture symbolize a war-torn body while the bird symbolizes freedom and peace. Each piece of sculpture has a meaning and six is enough to convey the message.

The sculptures Raja Shahriman has created in Kemelut Zaman are not only refreshing to look at but are very appropriate in the context of our modern society. In exploring new forms, Raja Shahriman has cleverly transformed musical instruments, cultural and traditional objects into modern, interesting and aesthetic pieces of art that will remain relevant over time. The fine metal finish he has given the works makes the sculptures modern and elegant. Thus despite the few numbers, the sculptures in Kemelut Zaman not only affirm the skill and craftsmanship of Raja Shahriman, but also demonstrate his wittiness as a contemporary artist.

Tengku Elina Aziddin

Al-Aqsa Exhibition-Forms of the Doa

FORMS OF THE DOA (Exhibition: 8th-31st December 2011)
-extending the exhibition till 7th January 2012

The exhibition is to bring forth the meaning and significance of the first Qiblah of the Muslims and Islam and the remembering of the two Holy Sanctuaries (al-Haramain). It is to become the tool and message to awaken the Ummah of the importance of al-Aqsa.
After centuries, the idea of Al-Aqsa remains an enigmatic and self-contradictory fragment of the worlds religious heritage, continuously capable of stirring up religious , political and scholarly controversy. Interest in this site has increased, judging from the scores of websites devoted to Al-Aqsa, videos and films, the publication of numerous books, and the Israeli forthcoming major “temple complex renovation.” The exhibit will be centered primarily on the forms of engagement a Muslim artist may take in facing these challenges . As a consequence, we see this exhibit as providing an opportunity in renewing interest in this campaign of remembrance.
video of the exhibition:

Participating artists:
Mat Anuar, Prof Ramlan Abdullah, Raja Shahriman, Rosli Zakaria, Prof Norwani, Prof Ruzaika, Prof Hjh Mohainee, Abdul Rahman Amin, Prof Alias Yusof, Jamil Mat Isa, Prof Jalaini Abu Hassan, Aznan Omar, Mohd Daud Rahim, Syed Iskandar, Mohd Azlan Mohd Latib, Suhaimi Fadzir.

17th December 2011:
03.00 pm Art Talk – Artists will deliver short talk about their Artworks, expounding on their ideas, thoughts and processes that they have undergone in creating for Al-Aqsa Exhibition.

04.00 pm Story-telling Session – Wan Ainun Radzi will deliver the session in the form of story-telling, recounting the story of Solat and the significance of al-Aqsa.

Art Expo 2011-28/10 till 01/11

The Art Expo Malaysia 2011 has received encouraging response from art galleries all over the world, and we are confident that this year’s event will be a greater success than last year’s.

WARISAN-Haron Mokhtar


Pameran solo Warisan-di Berita Harian.

Warisan-A solo art exhibition by Haron Mokhtar

Exhibition date from 23/09/11 till 22/10/11.