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HOME is where the Heart lives.

29. Mar, 2016

1. Name of event: An art exhibition entitled “HOME…is where the heart lives”.
2. Venue: Ground Floor, No 8, Jalan Abdullah,Off Jalan Bangsar,59000,KL
3. Company: Pelita Hati Sdn Bhd
4. Duration: 11/04/2016 till 30/04/2016 (Viewing hours: Saturday-Thursday 10.00am-6.00pm-We are closed on Friday)
5. Category: Paintings, prints, sculpture,
6. Contact details: Tel: 03-20923380; 03-22829206

Email: , Website:

In this exhibition, we get the artists to express their ideas and interpretation on homes using a variety of techniques and genre in producing their artworks. This exhibition also is a way of reminding all of us as to how lucky we all are as compared to those that are homeless and without any shelter to live in. It is such a shame that in this progressive and modern day that we live in, we still have people that call the sidewalk of a suburban town their ‘home sweet home’.

Participating artists: Anuar Dan, Haron Mokhtar, Jing Chung, Ismail Alias, Irwan Idris, Rozlina Khairi, Aiman Asyran, Brenda Subal, Candy D Sibin, Muhamad Efi Syafiq, Nabil Adnan, Rozain B. Riminggu, Yazid Alias.

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