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ILHAM IX-9th edition 2015

22. Jul, 2015

A GROUP SCULPTURE EXHIBITION “ILHAM IX-9th” at PELITA HATI Gallery of Art. Duration: 25th July to 16th August 2015 (Viewing hours: Saturday-Thursday 10.00am-6.00pm-We are closed on Friday)
Since the establishment of Pelita Hati in 1995, sculpture has been our motivation to continue in the arts industry. Pelita Hati has always been at the forefront in promoting sculptures. Pelita Hati’s activities focus more towards the development of sculptures. Artists under the auspices of our art are sculptors. Our very first ILHAM was started in 2007 and after that we decided to have it as our annual sculpture exhibition. Our main objective is to introduce and expand the art of sculpture in Malaysia. For ILHAM, we do not limit the type of media used nor do we limit the number of participants/sculptors, whether they are new or have been in this field for a long time. ILHAM provides an opportunity and a platform for local sculptors to showcase their work. As an annual event, we hope it can generate the growth and continuity in the art of sculptures in Malaysia
For year 2015, our 9th ILHAM -we are looking at between 25 to 30 participants/sculptors using different kind of materials for their artworks. Ever since we started this ILHAM project in 2007, we sincerely believe it has ignited and churned out more aspiring and talented sculptors than ever before.

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