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This is NOT an ART Book-How to get the book at 50%

05. Jul, 2014

This is NOT an Art Book Reviews
“Buku seni, milik semua”
“This is NOT an Art Book yang diterbitkan Pelita Akal, lari daripada kebiasaan” -Siti Haliza Yusop, Berita Harian-

“Best quote by Tengku Elina in that book saying “art gives me a sense of belonging” There is art and soul” -Nurul Asyqin-

“This is NOT an Art Book membawakan seni kepada pembaca menggunakan nada kurang serius berbeza dengan kebanyakan buku seni di pasaran” -Raja Annuar-

“If you love Malaysian art, this book is a ‘must have’ to not your book, but ART collection”
“The collection of art exhibition posters are a work of art by itself”

“A beautiful book! It moved me.” Raja Mariam Mohd

More than 98 exhibition posters of the 136 exhibitions held to date are featured in the book!

In conjunction with the launch of our facebook page, If your names are highlighted in the art posters in the book, you are entitled to buy a copy of the book at only RM 24.40 , 50% off the retail price of RM 48.80 (while stocks last)

Please like our facebook page and contact for details.

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