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Jing Chung…of beauty and perfection.

20. Apr, 2012

12th May – 02nd June 2012 (Extending the exhibition till 08th June 2012)

Between tradition and modernity
Jing Chung holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design from the Academy Art University, San Francisco, USA. Although not formally trained as a visual artist it is perhaps a passion or calling that compelled Jing Chung to take up painting lessons from her father.
It has been said that art is not what you stumble into, it is an irresistible force; it is in the blood. For Jing Chung this is especially true. Jing Chung is daughter to Chung Chen Sun, a world-renowned artist and educationalist who devoted his effort to modernizing Chinese ink painting.
Today, Jing Chung is continuing what her father began. Her paintings hold the characteristics of the traditional ink painting. Her attention to line, colour and brush stroke is obvious in her works. She explores light, space and form via the layering, translucent and dense strokes. The vertical and slanting strokes applied with varying degree of pressure on the brush create different pictorial impacts. Instead of using Chinese ink, Jing Chung chose acrylic on paper as her media. Jing Chung’s art is a cross between traditional and modern painting.

Through her art, Jing Chung has developed a unique way of expressing with a brush. Just like her father her works are expression of the spirit and the mind, created to convey the inner thoughts and feelings about strength and beauty.
Jing Chung is not new to the art scene and has been actively exhibiting in more than 20 exhibitions in the United States, Malaysia and Indonesia. Her first solo exhibition was held in Houston Texas in 2009. In her debut solo in Malaysia, Jing Chung exhibits 40 pieces of paintings from her Birds and Fishing Village series.
Indeed Jing Chung has the makings of a successful artist. She not only has a burning desire to create art but has an innate feel for colour, light and shadow, balance and weight as well as composition. We wish her success in this solo exhibition and in all her future endeavors….Tengku Elina, PelitaHati Gallery of Art.

“Raised in an artist family, I was very fortunate to learn Chinese Ink Painting from my father. I did not go through formal fine art trainings, rather, my background in interior design and fashion and textile design influenced my perception of the visual world and the way I constructed my composition.
Combining my unique use of color, technique and detail, it is my desire to create art pieces emphasizing the spiritual aspect and the conceptual aspect of expression. I do not paint to represent the physical form with precision, but rather convey inner feeling and thought. Hence, the core subject hovers enigmatically between concreteness and abstraction. My intention is to integrate the spiritual and natural beauty in order to reach the unity of “beauty” and “perfection”.”…Jing Chung

Berita Harian, Friday 18/05/2012:

The exhibition launch: Saturday, 19th May 2012 at 5.30pm

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