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Al-Aqsa Exhibition-Forms of the Doa

01. Dec, 2011

FORMS OF THE DOA (Exhibition: 8th-31st December 2011)
-extending the exhibition till 7th January 2012

The exhibition is to bring forth the meaning and significance of the first Qiblah of the Muslims and Islam and the remembering of the two Holy Sanctuaries (al-Haramain). It is to become the tool and message to awaken the Ummah of the importance of al-Aqsa.
After centuries, the idea of Al-Aqsa remains an enigmatic and self-contradictory fragment of the worlds religious heritage, continuously capable of stirring up religious , political and scholarly controversy. Interest in this site has increased, judging from the scores of websites devoted to Al-Aqsa, videos and films, the publication of numerous books, and the Israeli forthcoming major “temple complex renovation.” The exhibit will be centered primarily on the forms of engagement a Muslim artist may take in facing these challenges . As a consequence, we see this exhibit as providing an opportunity in renewing interest in this campaign of remembrance.
video of the exhibition:

Participating artists:
Mat Anuar, Prof Ramlan Abdullah, Raja Shahriman, Rosli Zakaria, Prof Norwani, Prof Ruzaika, Prof Hjh Mohainee, Abdul Rahman Amin, Prof Alias Yusof, Jamil Mat Isa, Prof Jalaini Abu Hassan, Aznan Omar, Mohd Daud Rahim, Syed Iskandar, Mohd Azlan Mohd Latib, Suhaimi Fadzir.

17th December 2011:
03.00 pm Art Talk – Artists will deliver short talk about their Artworks, expounding on their ideas, thoughts and processes that they have undergone in creating for Al-Aqsa Exhibition.

04.00 pm Story-telling Session – Wan Ainun Radzi will deliver the session in the form of story-telling, recounting the story of Solat and the significance of al-Aqsa.

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