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Kemelut Zaman-Exhibition Jan 2012

02. Nov, 2011

The sculptures of Raja Shahriman have taken a new breath from his last works in Rhythm of the 21st Century. The dark serious pieces in rhythm have given way to modern contemporary and almost pop art sculptures.

The sculptures Raja Shahriman has created in Kemelut Zaman are not only refreshing to look at but are very appropriate in the context of our modern society. In exploring new forms, Raja Shahriman has cleverly transformed musical instruments, cultural and traditional objects into modern, interesting and aesthetic pieces of art that will remain relevant over time. The fine metal finish he has given the works makes the sculptures modern and elegant. Thus despite the few numbers, the sculptures in Kemelut Zaman not only affirm the skill and craftsmanship of Raja Shahriman, but also demonstrate his wittiness as a contemporary artist.

Tengku Elina Aziddin

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