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Being There…

06. Jun, 2011

Pelita Hati invites you to: Being There-A photo exhibition in support of World Hepatitis Day, Malaysia.‘Being There’ is an exhibition of photographs of several photographers. Together the pictures constitute a mosaic of colours, shapes and moods, sometimes fascinating, sometimes intriguing but always pleasing to look at. They have an enduring quality about them, which like all good art will constantly draw our eyes to them.

Participating artists whose works are shown at the exhibition are:
Azalia Suhaimi, B.U.L.B – Barudak Urban Light Bandung, Hasriq M. Nor, HLG – Hikarimoji Lights Graffiti, KC Chai, Melvin Tong, Mohd Azlan, Mohd Firdaus Herrow, Rupajiwa Studio, Tengku Al Murad.
‘Being There’ previews on Wednesday 15 June 2011 and ends on Thursday 30 June 2011.

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